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Welcome to Celtic Alliance Clan
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Is the video too long for you? Take a look on our fast forward guide below and you will find only the information you are looking for, easy and quick.

Important information:
-Yahoo email accounts DONT work with our website
- Clan Age Limit:16 Years old
- You DONT need xfire to join CA
- You DO need to post on forums to join CA
- Please read the clan rules.

"How to access Teamspeak" video:

* IF YOU WANNA DO ON YOUR OWN MOST OF THE JOINING PROCESS, watch only the parts with the * sign on the fast forward guide. (Together they last from 2 to 4 minutes.)
Fast forward guide:
*a) 00:49 "Main Forum" (Click)
b) 1:30 "New User Registration" (Click)
c) 1:52 Age Limit: 16 (Click "yes", Click "continue")
d) 2:02 Fill in your details (*Yahoo email accounts dont work)
e) 4:40 Finished with your details, "Continue" (Click)
f) 4:55 Account details check up, "Finish" (Click)
*g) 5:55 Check details on email and follow the link (Select, Copy and Paste)
h) 6:25 Once link followed, fill in profile details (you can change them later)
i) 7:42 Once finished with profile details, "submit" (Click)
j) 7:52 Log into the forums
k) 8:56 Where to locate/find the recruitment forums
*l) 9:20 Enter recruitment forums, "Recruitment" (Click)
*m) 9:26 Enter/Read "Sticky application Guide" (Click)
*n) 10:06 Copy Requirements and create new thread/topic, "New Post" (Click)
o) 10:39 Filling in details on Application Guide.
p) 11:23 1.In-Game name.
q) 12:05 4.Xfire
r) 12:52 5.Steam name
s) 13:06 6.Clan history
t) 13:46 7.Games you play (Main ones)
u) 14:06 8.Who recruited you
*v) 14:45 9.Do you have a mic... (Xfire not required)
w) 17:17 10.Forums.
x) 17:45 Would be cool if you added few comments...
y) 18:23 Post your new Topic, "Submit" (Click)
z) 18:45 Example of someone who posted his application.

19:05 WE ARE DONE :)