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Blitzkrieg 2

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:25 pm Post subject: No icon Blitzkrieg 2 Reply with quote
From the long enough time i'm playing in blitzkrieg 2, as for now the newest production of authors of enough known Sudden Strike. This title is putting rather to the realism, but it isn't certainly in one hundred per cent. One way or another he is of it more than in familiar to Company of Heroes. How in every strategy we have and multiplayer, and singleplayer. About it second in a minute. If we are making up our mind campaign, we must decide what nation to take. We can choose Allies (mainly U.S.A), Germany or also a mother Russia.

Campaigns are composed of a few greater levels, where we are choosing the mission, with which we want to rank it. All sorts missions are giving different bonuses. Either we receive the modernization of battle tanks, or we are getting bombers. Order of them she is any, however they well are to hold of the one appointed by the computer. She is usually optimum. When we will already make the ones "marginal tasks", we are a main mission facing horizontally. She is taller, requires more employing on the part of the player, and the completion is giving her greater satisfaction, but not always. I won't be doing spoilers, why is happening main missions aren't tiring the player this way as some the ones smaller. Route of the fight we are getting strategic points one by one, or we perform concrete tasks commissioned us. We don't have the freedom too a lot apart from the selection of the army for action. It hardlies ever happen us to have the more than one means of achieving our aims. But still the game is cool. It is hard for me to say in how many of the time is going to finish the campaign. It depends rather on the degree of the skill player. I today in two hours finished two levels in the American campaign and half third. But I am already really knowing the game well, and at the beginning so easily isn't. .

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The multiplayer mode is holding it what best at the campaign and is giving what it sorted: freedoms. When to choose from from what years we assume the game of the mum there will be an equipment, the map, the time of filling strategic points and the general time of the game. In case of the game in the ranking we don't have on that's all of influence and from what I observed, she is happening exclusively with the equipment of 1945. The game is in theory quite straight. We are conquering strategic points. Too every such getting, we are getting the point of the support which calling additional tanks. Stalemates often happen, when none of sides can get the majority. Then quite unusual manoeuvres are working. For example calling parachuters.

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Generally he is drawing multiplayer above all

And i'm sorry for my English.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:15 pm Post subject: No icon  Reply with quote
looks like a game i used play ages ago called a bridge to far
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