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Roster 2.0
Clan Roster 2.0
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Medieval Total War 2
MTW2 (10)
Battlefield 2
BF2 (12)
Battlefield 2142
BF2142 (7)
Empire Total War
ETW (9)
Bad Company 2
BC2 (13)
Napoleon Total War
NTW (4)
Shogun Total War 2
STW2 (13)
Battlefield 3
BF3 (12)

Current Ribbons / Awards
Title Description Ribbon Image Awarded Members
War College ribbon Awarded once you reach the rank of Lieutenant War College ribbon
Valorous Unit Ribbon Awared to recognize a members contribution in the clan forums Valorous Unit Ribbon
Staff Officer Ribbon Awarded once you reach the rank of colonel Staff Officer Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon Awarded to recognize exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active service Good Conduct Ribbon
Meritorious Unit Ribbon Awarded to recognize an individual's contribution to {CA} Meritorious Unit Ribbon
Loyal To The Clan Ribbon Awarded to recognize a members Loyalty to the clan. Loyal To The Clan Ribbon
Legion of Merit Ribbon Awarded once a member has been in {CA} for a year Legion of Merit Ribbon
Distinguished Service Ribbon Awarded to members who are active on game servers,help start them and also good admins Distinguished Service Ribbon
Recruitment Ribbon Awarded to an individual's contribution in recruiting new members Recruitment Ribbon