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#1: No icon tips Author: SoulflyLocation: Edinburgh,Scotland PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:41 pm
starting off the pp-29 is good, probably OP and will be nerfed. wish i started with it. it seems really good when used at hip fire

hovercraft is good when you can get atleast one gunner, it will probably be nerfed to. its fast, not easy to destroy and takes a good amount of damage. easy road kills . at this moment the tow missle isnt worth using, get more kills with other options
try collect a few ribbons during each round to gain xp faster and unlock, one of the easiest is to use the drone for a couple minutes each round. get somewhere safe, open the laptop and fly around spotting the enemy. it doesnt take long to get the ribbon and if youve hidden somewhere safe, youll still be alive!!! its also good for attacking a busy point, getting to know where the enemy are before rushing in, just make sure you keep an eye on where you are incase the enmey sneak up!!

fxm 33 aa  missle is good, prefer it to the vehicle at the moment.  aim on the enemy aircraft, lock and wait untill it pops its flairs. if your first missile has been lost to the flares then you have two more thats more than enough to take out the air craft. you should be able to get another ribbon quickly using this.

repairs is another easy way to get ribbons/more xp.i find i die alot repairing to...............

when driving/flying i prefer to change the camera view to outside that way i have  a better view. when in the tank i rotate between camera views depending on the situation. if you are driving the tank, know the enemy is on the other side i.e a hill, switch to outside the tank and youll be able to see where the enemy is as they get closer helping you be ready to fire soon as they are in gun sight. same for flying, switching to the outside helps you see more, can spot where the enemy fire is comming from and it also helps spot other air craft easier

#2: No icon Re: tips Author: SoulflyLocation: Edinburgh,Scotland PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:47 pm
when in any the vehicles and moving at speed it can be tough to hit the enemy with the mini gun, moving fast and the time it takes for the gun to spin and get upto speed you can often find the opportunity to kill the enemy has past. if you quickly click/unclick fire just to keep the gun spinning it can save you sometime, making sure when you see the enemy you can fire at them straight away and get the kill.

#3: No icon Re: tips Author: Smokey1KenobiLocation: Bolton [UK] PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 4:43 pm
The drop rate for the Transport Helo/Condor looks slow but is faster than you thing.

A transport with 2 repairing and the upgraded front gun is damn near unstoppable.

Unlock stuff in Single Player, XP won't count after a couple of rounds but unlocks still work.

As above, 3rd person view for a wider FOV in vehicles for situational awareness. 1st person for shooting accuratly.

Hip fire secondary weapons. ADS doesn't add much in the way of accuracy.

If you're used to sniping on CoD, you'll notice the much reduced bullet velocity so lead more at long range.

The long range scope has mil dots, the others don't. -> Battlefield 2042

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