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#1: No icon TOTAL WAR SHOGUN 2 Author: {CA}Gothic PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:26 pm
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Official Shogun 2: Total War Fact Sheet Leaks Out
May 28, 2010 at 4:49 AM - Andrew Burnes - 24 Comments
Following our tease and the Turkish announcement, we can now bring you the leaked fact sheet for Shogun 2: Total War, detailing The Creative Assembly's new title, due out 2011:

Title: Shogun 2: Total War
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Format: PC DVD
Players: 1 - 8
Ratings: ESRB Teen, PEGI 16, OFLC M, USK 12 – All provisional
Release Date: 2011

In 2000, the Creative Assembly re-invented the strategy genre with Shogun: Total War, an unprecedented blend of 3D real-time battles and turn-based management game and the first offering in the multi-award winning series. With over 7 million units sold and universal acclaim from the press and community, Total War has consistently been at the cutting edge of the genre and is today one of the most successful PC franchises of all time.

In 2011, the makers of Rome and Empire: Total War will release the sequel to the game that started it all. Shogun 2: Total War will take long-time veterans and newcomers alike to the next level of strategy gaming on PC. Based on 10 years of experience in making Total War, Shogun 2 is the perfection of the series with a new Artificial Intelligence (AI), revolutionary multiplayer modes, brand new campaign map options and epic 3D real-time battles.

It is the middle of the 16th century in Medieval Japan. The country, once ruled by a unified government, is now split into many warring clans. The player takes on the role of one Daimyo – the clan leader – and will use military engagements, economics and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal: re-unite Japan under his supreme command and become the new Shogun – the undisputed ruler of Japan.

Set during the golden age of Samurai warfare, Shogun 2 brings to life the most turbulent period of Japanese history.

Key Features:

Total War Redefined: Shogun 2 is the ultimate refinement of the original formula with a new, cutting-edge AI, more polish and online functionality than ever before. The result is the perfect mix of real-time and turn-based strategy gaming that invites both veterans of Total War and new players to experience the enjoyment and depth of the series.

New Character Progression: Choose from 9 different clans and compete on and offline for the undisputed supremacy of Medieval Japan. Gain experience to level up your own character-warlord as well as your generals and agents.

A Complete Single And Multiplayer Offering: Play through the Main Campaign in single player or invite a friend online to play competitively or cooperatively in Campaign Multiplayer mode. Join 8-player multiplayer battles with your own upgradable avatar and climb the online Leaderboard to show the world who reigns supreme. Also including exciting new modes of team play for clans, a first in the Total War series.

New Generation AI System: Developed according to Sun Tzu’s principles in the Art of War, the Artificial Intelligence constantly analyses its situation and reacts to your every move with greater precision and variety.

Improved Land And Naval Battle Gameplay: Land battles never felt so realistic with new multi-staged castle sieges and terrain features changing according to the weather and time of the day – turning each engagement into a tactical challenge. Set buildings on fire to force garrisoned troops out and use your units’ special abilities to turn the tide of the battle.

Naval combat also offers more variety with the addition of coastal battles. Islands can work as effective cover for your ships, while sand bars and reefs can be used as traps against an enemy fleet.

Accessible And In-Depth Empire-Building Gameplay: A streamlined User Interface makes management of your kingdom much easier. Build and govern cities, recruit and train troops, conduct diplomacy and manage your agents – each feature is now introduced with comprehensive tutorials, gradually revealing the depth of the Shogun 2 campaign map – the heart and soul of the Total War experience.

#2: No icon  Author: NighthawkLocation: Somewhere in Cyberspace, but always on the Battlefield. PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:23 am
Woohoo.....that's the news i wanted.....shogun total war 2.
I've always been interested in this time period and that of the han dynasty period of china. I've got a couple of games for the PS2 that has all the Shogun generals in it kessen 2 and samurai warriors are the games Kessen 2 is the best as it's a real time strategy game but very small in scale compared to total war yeah i'm deffo getting shogun 2 when it comes out.

#3: No icon  Author: {CA}Gothic PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:24 am
It will be out in 2011, most probably early spring.

Trailer and some more news :

Shogun 2: Total War First Look

Ten years later, Creative Assembly returns to the title that started it all.
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- hero units who can devastate armies
- generals and family tree more important
- up to 56,000 units in a battle
- naval battles with coast and coral reef but dont worry about wind anymore boats are oared
- Shogun sticks with just 30-40 basic units (20 or so per faction), each of which has a clear and obvious purpose. This should give the player a chance to focus more on tactics than on the slight variations between similar unit types
- you can level up your generals
- original weapons used for sound recording
-25% more bones - more fluid animations and movements in units
- night battles are back
- The unique nature of Asian architecture has a profound impact on sieges. The stacked pagoda structures of Japan allow sieges to play out in stages, with attackers and defenders moving from wall to wall and from tower to tower. This gives both sides of a battle more options than simply waiting for a hole to appear in the outer defenses and then just cramming as many men as possible around it. Each castle will have five levels of construction as well, so there's an increasing level of choice and sophistication as you advance. What's even more intriguing is the team's suggestion that castles will have unique qualities based on whether they're built in the mountains, on the plains, or by the sea.
- We know that there will be an entirely new agent set in the game, one that uses a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, but we don't know what that means in practice - ninja ??
-The game's AI is being programmed according to Sun Tzu's Art of War. As one of the core foundations for this kind of mix of melee and ranged warfare
-pre battle speeches are back

Trailer :
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#4: No icon  Author: KuebelLocation: Niedersachsen, Germany PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:54 pm
Excellent, Shogun was where I started with the Total War series, it'll be good to return to roots and try to unite japan under the Mori once again, kick some ass with my warrior monks!

#5: No icon  Author: Saspi PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:31 pm
Shogun for me was probably my favorite total war game at its time, i played Takeda mostly.
Today`s been good day mexico 2 italy 1:
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and shogun announcment Smile
Anyway sorry for not playing ETW or NTW but i ve been busy when ETW and my pc is still not working when NTW-present.

I have hopes for shogun to make total war reborn into what i admired so much as a kid.
8-10 years in total war and almost 2 years with celtic alliance lets hope we can have
as much fun as we had with med2 with this new title and try to exploit the little time we`ve got with Napoleon.

Empire showed me one thing: Patience young padwan, patience.

#6: No icon  Author: {CA}Gothic PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:52 am
good to hear that, lets hope CA wont screw it up like Empire Smile

#7: No icon  Author: JefriLocation: Edinburgh PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:59 am
I was to lazy to find out all the infos but I had the first thread Razz
But nice that it is confirmed now.
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