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Imperators spawned from the fires of Total War in the year 2006. They made honour and loyalty a top priority. Many veteran players joined together and created a well respected clan.







The Grailknights where formed on 23rd December 2005, led by Dion & Snake two young members of the total war community they stuggled to survive the first year. Many battles were fought to establish the clan and one will go down in history as the longest and most bloody; the OPS War. However in November 2006 after the release of Med 2 they quickly grew and are one of the largest clans today with a free recruitment policy of players of medium ability upwards, we try to train our members up and that is highlighted in the improvements many members such as Coach and Certo have made. We accept members of any activity whether hardened veteran or weekend gamer the basic principle is that we can come together and have fun. The Grailknights emphasise three virtues these being Glory, Honour & Loyalty to the Knights of the Grail fun is more important than gaming skills and now under the leadership of Dion & his steward Merlin the Grailknights seek to continue their growth and maintain thier status as one of the most respected clans in the total war community.



LEONTES is a greek clan that formed in 2006 by Domesticos and Haros. Our flag appears two lions holding a dorian style column. This is the symbol of the Mycenean greek civilization that dominated most of southern Greece from about 1600BC. Our political system is quite democratic, but it has two kings like the system of ancient Sparta. Our Code is simple and it must be followed from all our members : Respect - Honour - Earnestness. We are getting into a lot of tournaments very often and we represend the greek team in TW World Cup. We always try to become better, to learn from our mistakes and to treat to our rivals with respect like our own ancient heroes!